Ours Girls Football Camp Is Back!

This Easter, we are running our second girls football camp! After a successful trial run in the summer, we are extremely happy to say that we already have over 30 girls booked onto both camps, after just one day of advertising.

The girls camp will be run by former professional footballer, Evie Clarke. Evie will be able to pass on all of her experience from her days of playing for the likes of England and Arsenal. We are however full focused on making sure that the girls enjoy their time with us, and motivated to keep playing.

The girls will be given the choice (as individuals) to stay in the girls groups or join the boys groups (at the same facility) if they wish. We feel it’s important to allow each player to develop at their own pace and the flexibility to move groups will help with this.

We are looking forward to growing this new project and hopefully encouraging more girls to play the game.

Hope to see you there!

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